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   St. Joseph's Academy
Pique Banded Bottom Knit: White
            Grades 9th-12th

Pique Banded Bottom Knit: Red
               Grade: 12th

       Oxford Blouse: White
             Grades 9th-12th
    Required for Dress Uniform

         Turtleneck: White
            Grades 9th-12th
  Optional under L/S Blouse in winter

SJA Skirt (Required for dress uniform)
               Grades 9th-12th
       No shorter than 2" from top of knee
SJA Walkshorts with Logo
         Grades: 9th-12th
(No shorter than 2" from top of Knee)
Pants: Navy
            Grades 9th-12th
SJA Socks - Optional
                Grades 9th-12th
   Pullover Fleece: Navy
       V-Neck Sweater: Red