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About Inka's

Inka's is a privately-held corporation formed in 1995 by Inka Mims, who has 40 years of experience in the school uniform business. The company sells only top-quality garments, with over 70 percent of our products manufactured in the USA; about 65 percent of them, in fact, are made at our nearby factory in Eunice, Louisiana. This allows us to be extremely quick in obtaining special-order merchandise. While other uniform suppliers may need weeks to import a particular item, we simply call the factory and have it made, usually getting it into the customer's hands in just a few days.

We pride ourselves in creating fashionable, innovative designs that our competitors often scramble to imitate, and everything we sell is backed by a complete guarantee. Because we only use the highest-quality fabrics, and integrate unique features like our UpScale designs, a garment from Inka's will last for years and years - even as the child grows!

We also strive for exceptional customer service. If your service is ever anything less, please let us know immediately!